Tobacco-free Retailers Toolkit

Tobacco-free Retailers Tool Kit: A guide for local health promoters and community members has been developed as a guide to support health promoters and community groups to advocate for their local tobacco retailers to become tobacco-free.

It draws on the experiences of groups who have already approached local tobacco retailers requesting that they no longer sell or stock tobacco products. Some local tobacco retailers have already become tobacco-free. Key learnings have been noted and summarised so that communities have tools to give them the best possible chance of success.

In the Tool Kit you will find information and templates to assist you and your communities to engage with your local tobacco retailer to become tobacco-free. By tobacco retailer we are referring to local dairies or independent tobacco retailers, rather than large supermarket chains that have national policies. There are number of tobacco-free retailers leading the way in our communities. We need to encourage more retailers to build on this momentum.

The successful introduction of tobacco-free retailers requires a commitment from the community. Helping people quit smoking is one of the most cost-effective means of improving our nation's health. Reducing access to tobacco products helps support people making quit attempts. If we can reduce the amount of smoking children and young people see around them, we will increase the likelihood they will remain Smokefree.i

It's about OUR kids and OUR communities - ā TĀTOU tamariki, ō TĀTOU hapori


i HSC (2005). Framework for Reducing Smoking Initiation in Aotearoa-New Zealand. Health Sponsorship Council.